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How it works

Swedish pronunciation is hard to learn from a book, and CDs and tapes are things of the past!

At iSpeakSwedish you will learn how to pronounce the most common Swedish phrases and words.

This online course contains everything you need to know about getting started with Swedish - easy, simple and fast.

Try it now

  • Click on a word or sentence
  • Listen
  • Repeat

When you want, where you want

iSpeakSwedish is an online course. It means that you can practice when and where you want, on your prefered device at home or on the go.

No scheduled lessons - only when you have the time!

And you can practice each lesson as many times as you want!

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Give it a go!

To give you an idea of what Swedish sounds like, put on your headphones and click the PLAY button on the following sentences.

Start now

Det är min katt

Vad är din adress?

Det är inga problem
With more than 2,000 words and sentences, we are the most extensive Swedish course available online
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